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NZXT Sentry 3

Berat : 0 gram

Harga: Rp.500.000

BitFenix Recon Fan Controller

BitFenix Recon Fan ControllerDetail Produk
Touch Screen, 5Fan Controller, 5Temperature Display, 10W /channel

Berat : 0 kg

Harga: Rp.400.000

NZXT Sentry Mesh

NZXT Sentry MeshDetail Produk
Slider controls, 5 Fan Control, Single 5.25”, 30W / channel, Mesh, Internal

Berat : 0 gram

Harga: Rp.350.000

NZXT Sentry LX

NZXT Sentry LXDetail Produk
Large dual 5.25" LCD screen
• NZXT designed intuitive control, set and change fan speeds and settings on the fly
• Auto/Manual modes, let the LCD take control or set fan speeds to your liking
• Temperature alarm
• Aluminum finish
• NZXT Designed graphical interface, easy to read and understand
• Saved Settings, calender and fan settings are stored even during system off so settings don't need to be redone
• Supports up to 6Watt per channel
• Supports only 3pin fans

Berat : 0 gram

Harga: Rp.700.000

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